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First day

9.30 - Organic Farm

  • Farm tour, tropical cultivation, permaculture, alternative energy.
    • Snacks.
    • Tagua handicrafts (vegetable ivory).
    • 12.00 typical lunch with farm products.
    • Horseback riding to the monkey's forest and return through the waterfall. Observation of local flora and fauna.
    • Return and preparation of chocolate, from Cocoa beans.
    • Return to the hotel in Canoa on 4WD transport at 5.30 pm.

Second day

9.00 - Hang-Glide flight

    • Leave to Canoa beach, flight on Hang-glide one by one. The rest of the group can have a relaxation time on the beach. Estimated flight time per person: 15-20 min. (depends on weather conditions)
    • Return to the hotel in Canoa on 4WD transport.

Third day

9.30 - Mangrove Island

    • Briefing.
    • Navigation from the Delta of the Caráquez river until San Vicente Bay.
    • Visit to the Santa Rosa church (crystal rock hand made glasses)
    • Transfer to Puerto Portovelo, Interpretation Centre, we will watch an interpretation video and an exposition of bird photos (Tourism Community Project).
    • Canoe ride with the native guides, to the mangrove bushes of the Isle.
    • Hike through the high rise path on the mangrove forest, here we will listen to the information of the different mangrove types, birds and other animal species from the Isle.
    • Crabs observation on the mangrove wet sand tunnels.
    • Observation of frigate birds colonies and other species of birds like pelicans, cormorants, ibis, herons, etc. (around 30 species)
    • Snacks.
    • Return to Bay.

16.00 return to the hotel in Canoa on 4WD transport.


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